Monday, March 17, 2008

The Kleenex Box

Remember how I said I should stop spending money on toys? Well, the Princess proved that point once again.
The other night we were going out to eat for a work meeting, and the Princess would not stop fussing. In general, the Princess is not a fussy baby, so I set out to find out what was wrong. I finally ended up giving her an empty Kleenex box, and that calmed her down instantly.
Then it was time to leave for our meeting. When I went to strap the Princess into the car seat, I had to take the box out of her hands. She SCREAMED! She wanted that box something fierce! I finally gave it back to her after wrestling with the car seat straps. We had to take the Kleenex box into the restaurant with us! She was all about that thing!
Two things of note: That is my beautiful, new van in the background of the picture. I really need to take pictures of it to share with you all. And, as I type this, the Princess is playing with a pen. Seriously, I should just buy office supplies and paper products.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Yay for your new van! And I so know about toys not being my kids' favorite things to play with! I got you all linked up in the blogroll, too!


Steph said...

YAY for a new van! We're shopping for one at the moment. My son loves remotes, cables, paper... not toys though!

Our Love Story said...

Thanks for the help with cloth diapers a couple of weeks back! I tried to pawn off the generic Dreft on my sister, but unfortunately they just got an he machine and can't use it. I still have not totally decided what to do.

I will have to visit your blog more often too as it sounds from the few posts I have read that we have a TON in common! I was laughing so hard about the rubber n!pple story! Welcome to my world! I would love to post about this, but my mil reads our blog and I just don't want to go there! Anyhow, Evelyn has been biting and pulling for a long time as well as pinching the side she is nursing on. I find blood in my bra... And, I used to easily get her to sleep while laying with her, but she is totally in a phase where she wants to roll on her back or roll to daddy and bother him instead of nursing back to sleep! Ah - they are so sweet - I can't be mad at her! Like you mentioned, some day she won't nurse at all and I will miss it! Great post!!! Glad I am not the only one!

Thanks again!

Our Love Story said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my husband is so sick of me talking about her poop. You would find plenty of poop posts on my blog! I am finding the cloth dipes contain the poop better, though!