Monday, March 31, 2008

My Big, GIGANTIC Birthday Present

You may think by the title of this post, that you are going to read about some fabulous present I got for my birthday. But nope! It is, in fact, a poop story! The fabulous birthday present post should be tomorrow.

The Princess has been pretty regular with her poops. Generally twice in the morning, once around noon, sometimes one in late afternoon, and one in the evening around 6. (Yes Princess Poops A Lot actually does poop a lot!) Well, lately her poops have been more sporadic. I have heard this can happen when the babies start solids, and the Princess has been eating solids more regularly now.

Last week, on my birthday to be exact (Tuesday), the Princess didn't poop ALL DAY! I was curious, but not too concerned. I know that constipation can't be proven until the baby actually poops and it is hard. So I was just waiting to see what would happen.

Oh, and you know what happened!

As we were getting ready for bed, the King and I were discussing the lack of poop for the day. I had just put the Princess's diaper on for the night, (A huge 4 layered dipe that makes her look like Humpty Dumpty!) when we heard it! Oh, I knew what it was, and I knew it was going to be bad!

I think the Princess had saved up all her poop for that one moment. IT WAS HUMONGUS!!!!!! Filled the entire diaper! I can not even describe to you how huge it was! Just know that it was BIG!

And I truly think the Princess smiled. She knew she had saved that gigantic poop for my birthday. "Happy Birthday Momma!" Thanks Princess!


Anonymous said...

one time M didn't poop for several days. When she finally went it was like Mount Vesuvius. It happened in her carseat (ACK! EW! EWEWEWEW!!!) She actually poo'd THROUGH her cloth diaper. Not around the edges -- through the cloth. I had to clean the carseat out with a hose in my driveway.

That's great that she's pooping so regularly though, it should make EC'ing her go a lot smoother.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

You got a big poop and I got a big puke, fevers, and the "trots" Welcome to Springtime with Children.

Our Love Story said...

Happy belated birthday! Evelyn poops in almost every diaper still!

I have done some cereal and carrots and banana once. What do you feed the Princess? Do you know if you "need" to give babies food other than breastmilk? When I asked my doctor he just said "she should get some food each day." Didn't really answer me. She seems satisfied with just nursing and could care less about the other food - eats it but doesn't get excited to eat it or anything.