Friday, January 18, 2008

It Has A Mind Of It's Own

So yesterday the Princess was playing in her exersaucer when she made a royal poop. Now you would think that because the Princess was sitting down the poop would stay in the bottom portion of the royal diaper. That's what I would think. I was taught in gradeschool that because of the gravitational pull of the earth, things on the earth go down.

Apparently poop is not subject to the law of gravity!

The royal poop went up the back of her diaper, but luckily stopped before exiting the diaper (This is not always the case.).

As I was changing the royal poopy diaper, I contemplated the poop and the various places it ends up.

Usually when wearing a disposible diaper, the royal poop ends up up. Up the back of the Princess. I am not sure how poop defies the law of gravity, but it almost always does.

When wearing a cloth diaper, the royal poop somehow ends up down the leg. (I think this is user error on the part of the Queen. I need to play with the tightness around the legs a bit.) Even though this is messy, it makes more sense to me. Poop should go down.

Often the poop goes up the front as well. This can be a little tricky, especially with a girl. We don't like poop in the "girl parts."

On one occaision I found poop on the back of the Princess's hip. I'm not exactly sure how it got there, but there it was. She must have twirled in her diaper or something.

The most outrageous poop place to date: During one royal diaper change there was poop in the crease of her hip. You know where her leg moves. Now this might not sound so strange, it's close to where the poop would gather in the diaper. What made it so outrageous was that there was NO OTHER POOP ANYWHERE IN THE DIAPER! I cannot wrap my mind around how the poop traveled from her poop puter outer to her hip without getting anywhere else in her diaper.

I guess it just goes to show you that poop has a mind of it's own! It can go anywhere it wants!

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