Friday, January 25, 2008

The Onsie Saga Continued

So yesterday I was getting the Princess dressed. And I always have a hard time picking out her clothes. I want her to look darling, but still be comfortable. She is only 4 1/2 months after all, and I haul her around everywhere. A mini skirt and tights with a cute little sweater does fit into the "darling" category (and we do have a couple of outfits like that), but when we are just hanging around the house or the office, not too comfy.

Finally I picked out a pair of jeans and a fleece sweatshirt. Very warm on a very cold January day, pretty comfortable (Thats what I would wear to be comfortable), and super cute. But of course I needed a onsie to go on underneath the sweatshirt. A cold belly is not so good, you know.
The fleece sweatshirt is purple, and the Princess looks gorgeous in purple. So I went searching for a purple onsie to match. (I have major issues with matching!) The Princess has one that is a light purple, not quite a lavender, that has dark purple, sparkly hearts on it. Perfect!
While putting on the onsie, I realized, not so perfect. This particular onsie is a turtle neck. I thought to myself, if what I think might happen happens, this is not going to be pretty. But I took the risk.
Don't know what I'm refering to? Read The Thing About Onsies.
Guess what? It happened. And it was not pretty. Thankfully my friend Jess commented on the other post and left a great tip. And I used it! Thanks Jess.
My other friend Jess also left a comment to the effect of "your kid must poop alot." Yes, my friend Jess (and blogdom), the Princess does poop alot. Thus the name Princess Poops Alot!

Let me take a moment to share with you about my friends named Jess. Both are great women, wonderful mothers, Pastor's wives (yay!), and just all around good friends. One friend Jess I've known since college, know pretty well, and lives far away. The other friend Jess I met only a couple of years ago, would like to know better, and live (somewhat) close by. The friends Jess do not know each other. (I get rabbit trails from the King. He's good at them!)

1 comment: said...

Too bad we Jess's can't meet! Jenn, I had to catch up and just read the purple onsie saga--I hate turtle necks for this very reason!:-) Glad my crazy experience could help--sometimes I'm afraid to tell all of my stories!

I owe you a phone call--will do after all the company coming this weekend leaves!:-)

Love ya,

Jess (from college):-)