Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2 Adventures In Poop Stories

These are 2 Adventures In Poop stories that I first posted on my family blog. This is how I came up with the title to this blog. Enjoy!
Adventures in Poop
Starring Princess Poops Alot
A long time ago (actually early this morning) in a land far, far away (actually in a pack and play in our bedroom), the Princess awoke from her beauty sleep. Even though the night was not over, the Princess was very happy to be awake and thought that the King and Queen should be awake too. The Princess cooed and made lots of happy noises until the Queen was awake (the King stayed asleep through this entire story). Suddenly the Princess made a noise unlike any other. It was loud and reminded the Queen of the noises the King makes.The Princess continued to make these scary and also funny noises for quite a while. Finally the Princess was finished filling her royal diaper. And the Queen got up from the bed to change her. Unfortunately the Queen made a frightful discovery. The Princess had leaked through her royal PJ's. So the Queen had to change not only a diaper, but pajamas and sheets too.
Chapter Two
The Princess repeated the first chapter later in the morning. But this time it was on the King and Queen's bed. So the Queen had to change those sheets too. But the King was awake in Chapter two and got to change the royal diaper and the royal PJs this time!
Adventures In Poop 2
Princess:1 Queen:0
Welcome to another episode of Adventures in Poop
In this episode we find our Princess early in the morning, awake and lying in bed with the King and Queen. The Queen decided to change the royal diaper because is was soaked with royal pee from the night before. At this time of the morning the Queen was quite tired. Partially because of the hour, partially because the Princess did not sleep well. Because the Queen was so tired, she was moving a bit too slow. The Queen took off the wet royal diaper and was just ready to put on a clean diaper, when the princess decided to poop. The royal poop went all over the royal pjs and a little bit on the Queen. The royal pjs were the kind that only snap up one leg. The royal poop went down the leg that had no snaps. The Queen was very excited about this (sarcasm here) because it was so easy to clean up (more sarcasm!). Thankfully the King was able to help clean up the royal mess. And the Kingdom went back to its normal day.

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