Friday, February 8, 2008

Adventures In Poop 5-The Sling Incident

Once upon a time, a land far, far away, the Princess awoke ready for a new day. The day was Sunday, and the Princess wanted to go to church to worship God. The Queen and King wanted the Princess to look beautiful at church, so the Queen took lots of time getting the Princess ready.

The Queen put a pretty dress on the Princess with a matching onsie, tights, and bloomers. The Queen then put the Princess in her sling, and off they went to church.

After arriving at church the Queen needed to finish some things up in the office. While sitting at the computer, the Queen heard the royal poop sound. She knew it was a bad one because of the stink!

The Queen went into the King's office to change the royal diaper. The King looked up from his desk and said, There's something on your sling.

Indeed, the royal poop had gone through a onsie, tights, bloomers, dress, and a sling.

When the queen looked in the royal diaper bag, all she had was a sweat suit for the Princess to wear.

And no socks!
The End

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