Monday, January 21, 2008

The Thing About Onsies

I love onsies! I think they are great! Here are a few things I love about them.

1. In the winter they cover the baby's belly and keep it warm.
2. In the summer the baby can just wear a onsie and keep cool.
3. We have lots of cute onesies.
-a pink camo onsie
-a pink onsie with zebras on it
-one that says "my daddy is a rock star"
-and many, many more
4. They come in a rainbow of colors so they can match any outfit.

Here is what I do not love about onsies:

When the Princess poops up her back (see here to learn more), it is impossible to get the onsie off.

There are only two ways to get a poopy onsie off a baby. And neither are fun.

1. Take the onsie off over the baby's head. This would be the usual way to take off a onsie. Unsnap the bottom and then take off like a t-shirt. The problem with taking a poopy onesie off this way is the poop goes over the baby's head with the onesie. Yuck!

2. Take the onesie off over the baby's bottom. This is my prefered way to take off a poopy diaper, but it still poses a couple of problems. The first problem being, you are still dragging poop everywhere. And usually it goes everywhere. The Princess is famous for putting her foot in the poop part of a poopy onsie! The second problem is actually getting the onsie off this way. The neck hole is not generally made to go over a baby's belly and diaper (or naked, poopy bottom).

Has anyone else had this dilema? Please tell me I am not alone!


Mommy Rader said...

Wow. It sounds like your kid poops a lot!!

Jess said...

You are not alone---I don't miss that at all....and I only experience it now if she is extremely sick which hasn't happened since last winter.

The only way I could ever get it off was over the head so I would take a burp rag and lay it inside the underside of the onesie, then roll all up together and get it off her head--yeah, not any better than your ways of doing it! :-)