Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why Do I Spend Money On Toys??

This evening during Bible study, the Princess and I sat down on her blanket in the fellowship hall to play quietly with toys. This is what we do every Wednesday and Sunday evening during our church's Bible study time. It works out well for us. The Princess can play quietly while I participate in the Bible study, and we are generally out of the view of the other participants (the Princess is super cute and, therefore, very distracting!).

Tonight, on her blanket, we had a lovey (small blanket with an animal head), a book and a taggie book. Generally we have additional toys, but I just cleared out the diaper bag because we shared toys at a play date this afternoon (I'm all for sharing toys, but not germs!). Even though the toys were few this evening, I thought we had plenty for the hour Bible study.

Apparently not, because here is what the Princess ended up playing with:
My pen
My paper that was intended for notes
My cup that origionally had water in it
A pacifier holder
My hand sanitizer (it was closed securely, she couldn't get into it)

This is not unusual either. At the castle, the Princess often plays with paper, pens, and cups. She plays with the sanitizer and her spray for her wipes. The Princess is a big fan of our cell phones and the remote control for the TV. My personal favorite is the coupons. When I cut coupons, I hand her a scrap. She will sit for a good 20 minutes and play with that scrap "coupon."

We often use this technique in restaurants as well. After the Princess is bored with her toys, I will hand her spoons, straws and (this past weekend at PF Chang's) chopsticks.

Which brings me to my origional question: Why do I spend so much money on toys?

I could, in fact, just buy spoons!


Tonya said...

I remember when my 3rd was about 18 months old and we were going to a funeral. I brought a bunch of stuff to keep him busy and quiet. He didn't want to play with any of it and ended up "blowing his nose" with the tissue. It keep him busy and quiet though!

olivia said...

Brent and I said we could have saved a bundle at Christmas by buying an old pair of eyeglasses, another remote, and a computer keyboard. She also likes the space heater, electrical cords...pretty much anything dangerous. It keeps us on our toes :-)

Allison said...

I'm with olivia...our son goes for all the dangerous stuff!

But spoons are our best friend at mealtime, too!

And straws! And paper! (Though we have to keep him from eating them!)