Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WFMW: Storage Baskets

I have baskets all over my house. I love them. I have baskets that hold blankets. I have baskets that hold magazines. I have baskets that hold remote controls. I have baskets that hold mail. I like to be organized (mostly), and organization might as well be pretty.

The Princess's nursery has the same basket organization system. Some baskets I bought and use "as is," but some I bought and painted to match her room.

This is the bottom of the Princess's changing table. The white basket on the upper left held disposable diapers when I was using them. Now I still have a couple in there, but extra inserts and doublers go there too. The middle orange basket hold lotions and stuff like that. The white basket on the right holds her wipes. That pink thing in the upper right hand corner is her spray for her wipes.

On the bottom shelf is the baskets that hold her diapers and her burp rags.

I organize her closet the same way.

There is a basket for bows, shoes, socks, hats, and miscellaneous items.

Here is the basket for shoes.

I used stickers to label the basket. This is also a basket that I painted. It would not have matched otherwise!

I love the collapsable laundry baskets for blankets and stuffed animals.

We also use baskets for toys

and books. These are board books on the bottom of the Princess's bookshelf, so she can reach them.

I also use pretty baskets in my living room to store the Princess's toys. While I want our home to be her home, I also want my home to look pretty and not like a toy room. I think my basket method accomplishes this.

My basket method really works for me. Go to Rocks in my Dryer for more tips!


Our Love Story said...

My changing table looks almost exactly the same except not a single one of the baskets matches. But, you have to love baskets! I also have them all over the house and especially like to organize things in the bathroom and linen closet with them too.

WHTTS said...

We love baskets too - on our changing table, for the toys & shoes, in the closet, on the desk, for the laundry (collapsible even). Definitely WFM!

p.s. I love your latest post with the gorillas, but I couldn't leave a comment there. Great job with the photos and story; I felt like I watching with you.

Hope you're having a great week!