Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Fabulous Birthday Presents!

These are actual presents that I got for my birthday, not poop!

The King knows that I love to go to the zoo. So he got me a membership to the zoo! Fabulous! I think the Princess will enjoy the zoo this summer too! I can't wait to go!

He also got me flowers! Isn't he a nice Hubby? I love him lots!
Here I am sporting another Fabulous gift curtesy of my dad and stepmom. My new Kangaroo Korner sling. I love it! The Princess loves it! We are babywearing in style! (FYI, the spots are from where I spilled water on myself. I'm not too graceful! Also, it is very difficult to take a flattering picture of yourself!) Dad and Reese also got me a gift card to DSW. Yay! Shoes for me. And Reese sent me some bedding. I'm thinking a bedroom makeover is in our future!

My MIL, Kari, spoiled me when she was here last weekend. She bought portraits of the Princess and then loaded me up with frames from IKEA so that I can decorate my home with my baby! Fabulous!

I got some other things from others as well. I am extremely blessed! Thank you Thank you! I love being spoiled on this one day (stretched out usually) every year. Happy Birthday to me!!!!


Jennifer said...

Hey...no any mommy friends with little boys or expecting little boys? pass these great ebay items along...here's the link http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZbjkmk or you can also visit my blog to see the post I put about it... www.veryfullquiver.blogspot.com there's only about 4 hours left on some items so hurry and tell! Thanks..Happy b-day by the way! You'll love the zoo membership!

Blessedw4mom said...

Wow! Great birthday stuff ... sounds like a "Happy Birthday to YOU"

I just stumbled across your blog today (through the babywearing bloggers). I love your intro!!!
I've worn and breasfed all 4 of mine ... only two were in cloth diapers ... but the little one on the way will be too. Can't wait to order some girly sling/wraps and diaper covers ;-)