Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

At the moment the song Monday, Monday is going through my head. But I keep singing it Sunday, Sunday. I realize it's the wrong day, but...

I love my Sundays. They tend to be busy for us, but I enjoy it. Most weeks. Yesterday was a great Sunday. I think they get better towards spring. Sundays just seem like the perfect day to spend the afternoon at the park or go for a walk or grill out after church. Spring-like activities, you know.

So here is a run-down of yesterday, a pretty typical Sunday for me.

I got up, got myself and Princess ready and went to church. We go to church every Sunday, no exceptions. (Maybe once a year we don't go, if we are on vacation. But even then we usually go with family or find a church to go to.) It is our time to worship God in His house and fellowship with our church family.

Yesterday the King's sermon was based on kid's questions about the Bible. The kids were in the "Big Church" for the sermon, so he basically spoke to them. He asked them questions, and they got to answer. It was very entertaining. One question he asked was, who wrote the Bible? A five year old answered, the illustrator! Very funny!

A friend of mine came to our church for the first time yesterday, so after service, we went to lunch together. We go out to lunch a lot on Sundays. Probably too much. But it seems like such a good time to get together with people from church. We often talk about the sermon and things going on in our church. My friend and I talked about our church a little bit, and also about our kids and parenting. It was a nice, relaxing lunch. Until the Princess started to have a meltdown. It was getting to be naptime, and she was ready to leave!

So we went home and had a nice, long nap. While the Princess napped, I played on the internet. My obsession this week (it changes often) was Etsy. They have the cutest stuff on there. I didn't buy anything. I never have, I just like to look.

After naptime the Princess and I took a walk. It was a beautiful day. Warm and sunny. The perfect weather I think. I put a hat on the Princess, and her sunglasses, and we were off. The Princess actually rode in the stroller. She does not do this often, and when she does, it's not for long. But we made it all around our block (about a 20 minute walk) with out a peep out of her. The Princess loves to be outside! I think that helped.

I would have liked to walk longer, but it was time for our church's evening service. We have been discussing outreach to our community, and we decided on a few things to do this year. I am excited to start a few of these ministries!

After church we stood outside and talked to people for a while. We do this often in the sprind. The weather is so nice, you just want to be outside all the the time! Then it was bedtime. For the Princess. After I got her down, I put a load of diapers in the wash and went to bed myself.

It really was a nice Sunday! I only hope the rest of the week is just as nice!

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Steph said...

Sundays are my favorite too! Going to church and then we go to lunch with my parents and then have "family time". Glad you had a great Sunday!

I LOVE Etsy!