Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One Awesome Momma

I have to apologize for the quality of these pictures. We were pretty far away, but you can still get the idea.

We went to the zoo this Saturday after waiting a whole week in dreary, rainy, gross, yucky weather. Thankfully Saturday was a beautiful, sunny, warm day.

While we were there, we spent about 45 minutes watching the gorillas. They are magnificent creatures. And beautiful too. I was captivated by this Momma. She sat and cuddled her Baby. It was beautiful to watch. I was hoping she would feed him while we were there, but she didn't. She just held him and cuddled him.

The "men" of the group sat on the other side of the exhibit away from the Momma and the Baby.

(Actually, I think one of these gorillas is a pregnant Momma, but I'm no animal expert so...)

This guy is the silverback male. He is the leader of the pack at our zoo. Isn't he HUGE?!!
Well, Mr. Silverback Male started making trouble. He would bite the other gorillas and chase them. It was quite entertaining to watch. But Momma didn't like it. She packed up her baby and moved to the other end of the exhibit.
Every time Siverback would go to the same end Momma and Baby were on, she threw Baby on her back and went to the other end.

Momma really did her best to stay away from Silverback. It was impressive.

I loved watching Momma with her Baby. I could have stood there watching her all day long.

And just because my Baby is cute!...

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