Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meijer Super Savings

Generally I am a Kroger shopper. There are three basic reasons for this. 1. It is closest to my house, and closest to CVS. I do my shopping in one day, and I'm not a fan of driving all over the city. 2. I am familiar with Kroger. It's not too big, but has all the things I need, and I know where they are in the store. 3. I think it is pretty well priced. It can be more expensive than, say, Walmart. But with sales and coupons, I have learned to shop Kroger fairly well. I have actually eliminated my Walmart shopping, which is good, because I always bought way too many things that I didn't need there.
With that being said, I decided to branch out a little this week. To see if I could work my coupon magic elsewhere. Kroger's sales weren't that great, at least not on anything that I needed or had coupons for. And Meijer had this fabulous 10/10$ sale going on. And when you bought 10 items for 10$ you got an 11th item free. A lot of the items on sale, I either needed or had great coupons for. I bought all this: And this:
for only $48.22. With a total savings of 52%. It was an incredibly long trip. And I ended up circling the store about 4 times. I also found myself feeding the Princess in the cereal isle (not many places to nurse in a grocery store), but I guess it was worth the adventure. I was irritated because they were out of the 10/10$ crest, and I had coupons that would have made 4 free for me and added an additional free item to my purchase, but life can't be perfect! Ha!
I am particularly excited about the bread and the ground turkey. No, they weren't free, but $1 for 100% whole wheat bread and ground turkey is great! These are things I buy every week at twice the price. I would have bought more, but I wanted to keep my total under $50.
The cereal wasn't in the 10/10$ deal, but Meijer had 2/4$ and 2/5$ deals on cereal that I combined with coupons making the cereal $1 or $1.50 per box.
My Meijer trip was pretty good, but I am hoping for some great Kroger sales this week. I would prefer to shop there.
I hope you go check out Money Saving Mom. There are always fabulous links to many bloggers and their Super Savings.


Jessica said...

My Meijer was out of the 10/$10 Crest as well. I was disappointed. But I got plenty of other items!!

Denise Sawyer said...

Great job!! I also shop at Kroger for my major shopping.

I skipped CVS this week though, I can't wait to get back at it next week though! Be sure to check out my site each week for the CVS deals and my scenarios!!

Happy & FRUGAL shopping!!
The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Sonshine said...

Great Job! My Meijer was out of the Life Cereal so I got a raincheck on that! Also, I picked up the wrong Crest, but I still got a deal on it with my coupons that I had.

Amanda said...

WOW, nice job! It's hard getting to know a new store but sometimes it can be worth it.

Your Princess Poops Alot is ablsolutely adorable! :)

Mommin' It Up! said...

great job! I love Kroger the most too, but sometimes ya just gotta hit Meijer for the freebies!