Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WFMW: My Version Of BabyLegs

We practice (sometimes) EC at the castle. I really like it, and I think the Princess does too. But that means that we go Diaper Free fairly often. In these cold winter months, I like to keep the Princess's legs warm with she is diaper free. Enter BabyLegs.

BabyLegs are these adorable leg warmers for babies. They go up to the thigh and keep tiny legs warm in the winter. But they are expensive! And you know me, I don't like expensive.

Target has expanded their baby department and is now selling wonderful things like Hotslings. The other day I was exploring my local Target and found a cheaper brand of BabyLegs (still made by BabyLegs). Yay for Target for appealing to the crunchier parents! But even at Target prices...too expensive for the Queen.

I found a wonderful clearance on Etsy of a BabyLeg type product. I almost went that route. But I chose not to.

And this is why...

A few weeks ago at LLL, a lady was putting what I thought was BabyLegs on her baby. I asked about them. After all, she may have the inside scoop on where to find them cheap. She kind of smiled and said no. She bought socks and cut the toes off!

Ingenious idea, if you ask me! So that is what I did. I went to WalMart. I found socks for $1 each. I cut the toes off, and now, after spending a mere $5, I have 5 pairs of "BabyLegs" for Princess!
Cute, huh?

So, that is what works for me this week!

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Apparently I should have given a bit more info. I used adult socks. I cut off the toe part. The cut off toe part goes up to the thigh. So, the sock goes on backwards. If the sock has a heel, it fits right over the baby's knee. I do not hem them. I guess you could, but my aren't that great and my machine is buried in my family room. I hope that helps sewing abilities!


We are THAT Family said...

Just yesterday, I was thinking my baby's chunky legs need something like that! Very cute and great idea. I also love the name of your site. I don't think I've ever written a blog without using the word 'poop.' Well, maybe one. We've just got a lot of it.

Meshellyn said...

I do not know about baby legs! They are adorable and my little girl needs some! I am confused though and need specific instructions. Adult socks? Cut off the toes or the foot? Which end goes by baby's thigh? Your daughter's look so nicely hemmed around her feet, did you hem them? Thanks for the inside scoop! said...

I feel like a dork that I had never heard of EC before. I had to click on all of it. Are you really doing this and for how long have you done it?

Anonymous said...

#1 I love, love, love your blog. It is TOO cute!
#2 I have seen those baby legs everywhere and I've been saying for years I wish leg warmers would come back in style b/c I love them so much (it's the former dancer in me). So glad they finally are. They are the cutest things!

olivia said...

I didn't know you were EC'ing! Fabulous!