Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Loooooong CVS Story

I have been very excited to shop at CVS this week. I did not get to go last week (few deals, no time), and this week I had a plan!
On Sunday I clipped my coupons as usual, and through the week I have been looking through the add and formulating my plan. I had it to where I would buy 75$ worth of stuff and spend about 13$ and get roughly 45$ in ECBs back.
CVS apparently did not like my plan!
Last night I headed out, stopped at Walgreens first (more about that later), and then hit my local CVS. My deal plan involved buying 20 SoyJoys, but my CVS was OUT! I even asked, which is not something I usually do.
So I started racking my brain. My thought process went something like this, "No SoyJoys! Where is another CVS? They have to have them at another store. There's one over on...nope that's a Walgreens. Wait, there's one in...nope! Walgreens." I could not think of a single CVS! I ended up calling the King, who got out the phone book and directed me to a couple other CVSs.
The second CVS I hit, OUT! The third? OUT! Buy this time I was irritated. I had the Princess with me, so I had been lugging her in and out of CVSs, and I was tired. So I stood in that last CVS and formulated a new plan with the stuff they had. But when I went looking for the stuff I needed (read wanted) to buy, it wasn't on sale like at the other CVS. So I gave up.
I went home and told the King that I needed to go this morning. And I did. I took my new plan and went to my local CVS, again. Guess what?
Yep! They had the SoyJoys. So it was back to my origional plan. It still didn't work out right, but here's what I ended up getting. 7 bags of Doritos (the King looooooves these, I have to hide them!)
I origionally only had 4 but they rang up lower than I thought, and I had to buy more to make
the 20$ worth of stuff for the Pepsi offer
6 Gatorades (have to hide these too!)
7 packages of Duracell batteries (which I needed badly)
I searched for coupons for these but couldn't find them, but then there were some for 50 cents
off on the package. Yay!
1 Benefiber
1 Purell
I bought this because my total wasn't at 75$ like I needed it to be, but then I didn't get the
ECB for it, so I'm not to excited about that!
20 SoyJoys

This came out to $111.33 before sale prices.
It rang up at 79 something.
I used
2/10 coupons
also Soy Joy coupons and the Duracell coupons
I used 11$ in ECBs (all I had)
And I paid 17$ out of pocket (more than I had wanted, but after all the trouble I went to...)
Then I got 32$ in ECBs back!!!

But I am way excited about the makeup I bought at Walgreens. They were buy one get one free. And I got 2$ off coupons from the internet. I made two trips. The first, I bought 4 things of makeup and paid about $1.50!

Then today I went in and bought 8 things. The lady who checked me out said, "You know its buy one get one?" Yep!!! It rang up at -$.32!! I thought I would have to throw in a candy bar or something, but nope!!! They gave me the change!!

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Michele said...

great job! It is so frustrating when you have your plan all formulated and then the store dosen't have what you want.

Mommin' It Up! said...

I hate it when CVS is out of what I want!! Great work! I am impressed!

~Karen~ said...

Wow! I'm impressed that they paid you to buy the Jane cosmetics! That's so neat! :) I really went overboard with that deal this week :) I went to Walgreens, like 7 times I think! :)

Tonya said...

Wow that is thrifty. I wish I could be more active about getting deals like that but with 4 kids not so easy!