Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's A Vicious Cycle

The Princess went to her first concert last night! Nope! Not The Wiggles! Not any kid-type concert at all actually.

Yep! We took our 4 1/2 month old baby princess to see Skillet. Well, not solely Skillet. We actually took a couple of teens to
Winter Jam 2008!!
It was fun! Very different for me. I am a concert lover. I like to get crazy and jump around and scream (not too pretty for someone closing in on 30), but I couldn't really do that wearing the Princess. Plus it was LOOOOOUUUUUUD! (Someone please tell me when I got this old!) I honestly was concerned about the Princess's ears, so we walked around the vendors most of the time.
All considering, it was a great time. We saw

Barlow Girl


Mercy Me.

Which, to me, is a good day!

As I already said, it was different for me being at a concert with the Princess. And a big majority of that was the process of getting the Princess fed. It turns out that the venue where Winter Jam was held, was not very breastfeeding friendly. Basically there were no chairs!

Sure there were chairs in the arena where the concert was being held. But there were three problems feeding her in there. 1. I restate: It was LOOOOOOUUUUUUD! 2. and squished! 3. and lots of teenage boys (as the concert was geared for teenagers) including the two with us. Now, while I generally have no issue breastfeeding in public, the idea of my breast being the first one that some teenage boy sees is not fun for me. It scares me quite honestly.

So the Princess and I were in search of a bathroom. One for women, girls, of the female gender. We found plenty, and while they had baby changing stations (thankfully), there was no place to sit. So we stood.

Thankfully I am a proud, baby wearing momma, and I had the Princess in the sling. Unfortunately I have not yet mastered the art of breastfeeding in the sling. Last night, it was trial by fire. That was the only option we had.

And it worked out pretty good. The first time around, we were the only ones in the bathroom. It was difficult to figure out sling feeding, but since we had our privacy, I did not mind, and we took our time.

The second time around, I picked the busiest bathroom in the place. By that time we were pros! And we found a quiet corner in the bathroom.

But I found myself turning around or pulling the sling up, when anyone was around. I didn't want to embarass anyone. Especially some teen girls. And then it hit me.

It's not! At all! And I shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed or worried about offending someone. It occurred to me that the reason people are embarrassed is because of exactly what I was doing, hiding. It is not common or "normal" to breastfeed in public. Therefore others are offended or embarrassed. So we hide it. See the cycle?

Then this morning in church, I realized I had done it again. The King had asked me to find a picture of a baby eating for an illustration. So I found this cutey little baby. Notice: drinking from a bottle. Why would I pick a baby drinking from a bottle, when the baby illustration he used was of our own baby, who never drinks from a bottle? I'm glad you asked.

The reason: I was afraid of offending or embarrassing someone with a picture like this:Or this gorgeous picture.Again, why would someone be embarrassed or offended? Because they don't see it. It's not common or "normal." And therefore we hide it! Are you seeing the cycle? Please tell me you are.

Of course the question becomes, what are we going to do to change the cycle?


olivia said...

Right on!! I feed my wiggleworm in public all the time, including in a sling at Target. Thousands of women will be showing a lot more to get beads in a few weeks, why can't I feed my baby in public? Perhaps because in our society, we're comfortable with women's breasts being sexual, but not with them being functional? Hmmmmmmm....

kreed said...

Just found your blog and had a question...what is your favorite sling or wrap for babywearing? I was unable to wear my first baby for medical reasons (hers) but am due in april and trying to decide on a few slings....

Tonya said...

I just realized our babies are the same age. I breastfeed in public but I use a thing called a hooter hider. I do it out of respect for my husband and other married couples we are around (men especially are very visual and even if breastfeeding is a functional purpose the way God created men it is still a sexual stimuli...I've asked my husband). Not to rant but I think the porn business has corrupted God's intentions for marriage as it is so I just try and do my part not to make men or boys stumble.