Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'd Lose My Head...

Many of you are aware that I lose things. A lot! I am often found wandering around our house uttering the phrase, "Where did I put my...?" Keys, Sunglasses, Glasses, Cell Phone (I call to find that one). These are all things I, uh, misplace from time to time.

Once I lost my glasses. Like truly lost them. The King found them four months later buried in a crevice in our couch. They had survived 2 moves and had lived in garage storage for 6 weeks.

Lately I have been losing bigger things. The biggest so far: My coat! I have no idea where it is. I think I left it at my mom's at Thanksgiving, but it doesn't seem to be there. It is not in my house, my car, anywhere. The only place left to look is at my aunt's house, but I don't remember wearing it there.

The worst thing is now I am not only losing my stuff, I have moved on to losing the Princess's things as well. I know for sure I have lost her beautiful white winter coat. I am sad because when I find it, it will be spring AND she'll be too big for it. Also a favorite toy is missing. And I can't even remember the last time we had it so I can begin a thorough search.

The most recent thing I have lost is, in my mind, the most random. This morning I realized I was missing the changing pad for the diaper bag. Now where could it be?

More importantly, where will I change all the poopy diapers?

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Jess said...

Check the church nursery--I've lost more wipes cases there because they all look alike! I lost them before I ever left Ella in the nursery, even! Oh, and if she is into pacifiers, they make great attachment thingies at Wal-Mart! We have yet to lose one in public--all my other mom friends say they have nine others at home (we've only ever owned two)!