Thursday, January 31, 2008

Adventures In Babywearing

I received this comment from a former post.

Just found your blog and had a question...what is your favorite sling or wrap for babywearing? I was unable to wear my first baby for medical reasons (hers) but am due in april and trying to decide on a few slings....

First, let me say CONGRATS!! I love new babies, and pregnancy is a fun time of life (even when it's horrible!)!

Second, let me say that I am by no means an expert in the area of baby wearing. I am a proud, baby wearing momma, but I am a newbie.
During my pregnancy, I was so focused on the pregnancy and birth, that I forgot about all the "after birth" stuff. Breastfeeding was really the only thing I was prepared for.
Thankfully I found a couple of people who were in the "know" about things I was interested in: cloth diapering, baby wearing, AP (although I didn't realize I was interested in that until after the fact, but that's another post.), stuff like that (thanks Olivia!!!!!!).
Baby wearing, for me, began with a Snuggli that I borrowed from a friend. I didn't realize that there were so many options out there. I thought there was the Snuggli, the Baby Bjorn, and the Ultimate Baby Wrap. Basically the ones they sell at Babies R Us.

So my first purchase was the Ultimate Baby Wrap. I liked it a ton better than the Snuggli. The Princess was snug to me, and I felt more secure with her. However, the Princess is a beast, and her weight quickly make the stretchy material, well, stretch. And then she would sag. Not very comfy. I would have to readjust often. Not very practical, either.

My sister (is the Evil Step-Sister a good cyber name for her?) has a Moby Wrap. And it seems to keep my nephew in place more than the Ultimate. I have heard that the Sleepy Wrap is evenbetter than a Moby, but I have not seen one of these in person, so I can't say for sure.

After the Ultimate I found a Ring Sling (I say "found" because I am cheap, and I bought all of my slings and wraps at a resale shop). I LOVE my Ring Sling. The Princess loves it too. It's bright blue, and when I get it out, she gets really excited. I can wear her different ways in the Ring Sling, and she is pretty secure.

I also found a New Native Carrier. I LOVE it too. I only really carry the Princess one way in the NN, but it is convienient for me. I don't have to mess with loops or wrapping. I just throw it on, and we are ready to go!

Now, I just go back and forth between the NN and the Ring Sling. I would really like to get a Beco. But top on my wish list is a Kangaroo Korner sling! I keep searching ebay and the resale shops. Hey, my birthday is coming up! That would be a great gift for me! Hint! Hint!

Like I said, I am no expert. I never wore the Princess as a newborn, so I don't know what to suggest there.
There are people out there who can help you too. My LeLeche League is pretty much all babywearers. The ladies sometimes bring slings and wraps, and let newbies try them out. There are baby wearing support groups too. If you can try them out first, I think it helps. It is overwhelming, because there is so much out there.
Okay, my baby wearing friends, help me out here! What is your favorite wrap or sling? I have a poll posted on the side of my blog. Make sure you comment too. We want to hear from you!
Here are some links that may help you out!
This is a blog of a baby wearer. She often posts tips on how to wear your baby. She also does reviews of slings and wraps. This is where I heard about the sleepy wrap. And yes I stole my post title from her blog title.
Kangaroo Korner has a page (many pages really) that shows how to wear a baby in different slings and wraps. I used that a lot when I first started.

There's many, many more. Google wraps or slings! There's tons out there. I hope this helps.

Baby wearers, remember to vote on the poll and comment too!


kreed said...

Thanks for the info and opinions. I bought a Maya and a Baby Bjorn and am currently on the lookout for a husband is beginning to think I am a bit crazy! I have heard great things about the Kangaroos and the Ergo. We actually do have a babywearing group here associated with the AP group and they have a sling library. Now I just have to have enough patience to wait for baby to come and try them out before I feel compelled to run out and buy any more of my own!

Allison said...

Oh, you sound similar to me...I never wore my son as a newborn time I want to get a Maya Wrap.

I love my Hotsling and Lucky Baby pouches for on-the-go short trips, and we had a mei tei for longer walks, but I am interested in trying out a Beco!

(I found your blog through the giveaway...we're the same age and our kids are about the same, too!)

A, B & C said...

I just found your blog and had to respond about the baby wraps! I was in La Leche League and wore my daughter in their wrap starting when she was a newborn. I don't know where to buy them, because someone made mine, but it was about 12 feet long and 4 feet across, folded in half, and made of linen. Now I wear the Beco and it's so comfortable and has lots of carrying positions. I switched a few months ago when my daughter stopped breastfeeding during the day. Definitely try the Beco if you can... and stop by my blog to say hi anytime!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Aw- thanks for the link love! I am a huge fan of the ring sling for first timers! But, I do think that if you have the opportunity to try all different kinds of slings to see which one works best for you & baby- that is great!