Wednesday, May 7, 2008


You may have noticed that it has been over a week since I have last posted. And I'll tell you why...I am bored. When I started blogging, I was enthusiastic. Now, not so much. I think I just need a break. So I am doing just that. Taking a break. I don't know how long of a break, but I will be back eventually. If I could figure out how to make money doing this (like so many people do)...then I would definitely stick to it. But alas, I am doing it for myself solely. So a break it is!


Jess said...

Hey, some of us like to know how you're doing, so updates for us could be a reason!:-) But, I totally understand...I don't always know what to post either, so I just don't!

Crazy Daisy said...

The only way to blog is for yourself... however I hope to see you back soon. I had just recently started reading and enjoying your adventures!

BTW, your Bloggy Giveaway gift should be arriving any day!