Saturday, April 12, 2008

Super Savings-Not at Walgreens!

It's that time again! Super Savings Saturday. Let me tell you a little about this week. I'm not sure I would use "Super Savings" to describe it.

First off, I spent a little too much at resale stores this week. Granted, I saved more than if I had bought new, but I didn't need to buy anything.

Secondly, I didn't go to CVS or Kroger this week. CVS's sales didn't excite me too much, and Kroger's were basically a repeat of last week. Though they were Fabulous sales, I had already used most of my coupons for what was on sale. Anyway, because I have been shopping like crazy for the past few months, we are pretty stocked up on everything, so we didn't really need much.

We did need to buy fresh produce. So I went to a local grocery store that has a huge produce section. The prices are pretty high though. Their organics were wonderful, and I bought a couple of things for the Princess to try. I also checked out their fairly large natural section. I got a couple of things to try, and some stuff that I use pretty regulary. I can't think of anything spectacular, so there must not have been anything spectacular. I left the store with only 2 bags of groceries. I had spent the same amount that I usually do at Kroger. But at Kroger I bring home 8 or 9 bags of groceries.

What I would really like to complain tell you about is my trip to Walgreens.

I don't generally shop at Walgreens. I think it is complicated. With the Easy Saver coupons, store coupons, Register Rewards, and Rebates it is a bit much for me. I figure that I do pretty well at CVS, so I don't really need to shop Walgreens anyway. But...

I went on Friday to take advantage of the 5$/20$ coupon. I needed a new filter for my Pur Water Filter, so I thought I would stack that with the ES coupon and a 1$ off manufacturer's coupon. I also grabbed a few things so I would have enough items to match my number of coupons. I was all set at the check out when...

My coupons wouldn't work. First it said my 5/20 coupon and the ES coupon were the same thing. ("It" being the register) Then the cashier rescanned the Pur filter to make my coupons go through. When he went to void it off, the register froze.

So they sent me to another register, another cashier. This one went to scan my coupons, and they didn't work again. She told me that I couldn't use all my coupons and the 5/20 coupons because I wasn't really spending 20$. That was extremely frustrating. I have done it before, so I know it is possible. But I ended up not buying the filter and leaving a bit angry.

So there was no 9$ replacement filter for me. And I have resolved to keep my business to CVS. I know there are many of you out there who do fabulously at Walgreens. My hat is off to you. Can you please tell me how? Then go check out the real deals this week at Money Saving Mom.


Amanda said...

I'm sorry you had such a frustrating time at Walgreen's. Walgreen's is too much work for me, so I just stick to the items that are free after rebates - unless there's a REALLY good deal on something else.

I'm a CVS girl, too. They make it so easy and don't act like you're trying to get away with something when one of THEIR coupons doesn't work on THEIR register.

Mommin' It Up! said...

I didn't even bother with the 5/20 coupon this time aroound at Walgreen's cause the last time they had one of those, the SAME thing happened to me@I also left with NOTHING. I was feeling very frustrated and duped. The cashiers do NOT know what to do when coupons beep, they ALWAYS have to call a manager, and it ALWAYS is a hassle. And they are never very apologetic here, anyways. So I only shop there is it is super-straight-forward. Which is like 2 or 3 times a month max. As a matter of fact, i have not been there AT ALL this month and it's half over! I do need to get my free-after-rebate items...but CVS is soo much easier!! And NICER!!
All that to say, I AGREE!
Ok, I am done with my follow-up rant to your rant. :)

Jamie said...

It's always frustrating when they don't let you use the coupons the way they are intended to work!! I always find it just depends on the cashier I Walgeens or CVS!