Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Princess and the Computer

The Princess loves to watch television. This is not something we encourage, but occasionally she will turn to watch the tube while she is playing in our living room. I know it is the lights, movement and sounds that she is drawn to. We have never sat her in front of the television to entertain her, and we don't plan to in the near future.

In fact, the King and I are trying to cut back on the amount of television that we watch. Especially when the Princess is awake because she likes to watch it so much.

Recently my in-laws bought us a web cam. We have enjoyed having the cam and talking to my in-laws on Skype. A few days ago we even got to talk to my brother and sister-in-law on Skype. I saw my niece for the first time via web cam.

My MIL and FIL got the web cams partially so they can keep up with their 3 grandchildren who live in 3 different states (all different states than them). So we dutifully put the Princess in front of the cam and let her talk to Grandpa and Grandma, but...

SHE HATES IT! She cries every time we put in front of it. It's almost like she is scared of it. I don't understand it!

Then tonight I had the Princess on my lap and was watching a video off of YouTube. It was a cute little girl singing. The Princess would look at the computer, look at me and stick her lip out. She kept doing this over and over. Her little lip was quivering and she looked so sad! Finally she burst into tears. Again, I don't understand it!

How is the computer so different from the TV? They are both boxes that sounds and lights and movement come from. Why does she love one and hate the other? I am perplexed!


Our Love Story said...

Evelyn knows she won't get as much attention while I am on the computer. Hence, she hates being on my lap in front of it! I wonder what Princess is thinking, though?...

Jess said...

Ella thinks she needs to be on it when I am so maybe this is a good thing that Princess doesn't like the computer for now. is Ella's favorite site and it's family-friendly with music videos, stories and games. She's liked the BOZ dvds for a long time before the website, too. I think we've sent you an e-card from BOZ once or twice if that tells you how much he is liked at our house. :-)