Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Everybody's Doin' It!

Now tell me that you sang that crazy song in elementary school.

Everybody's doin' it, doin' it, doin' it
Pickin' their nose and chewin' it, chewin' it, chewin' it
Thinkin' it's funny, but it'snot (it's not but squished together to sound like it's snot)
It's a hot, snot sundae with a booger on top!

Didn't everybody have a cool uncle who taught them fun songs like that? And how to dip french fries in shakes and frosties, which I still do by the way. (Hi Uncle Mike!)

I used to think that that song was hilarious, but I could never figure out why kids actually do pick their noses and eat it. There is a little girl at church who will hide under a table when she is picking her nose and eating it. She knows that is something she shouldn't be doing, and yet she still does it.

Does it taste good? Are the children hungry? I just can't figure out what the deal is. What is the big attraction to boogers?

And it seems like they start picking their noses and eating it earlier and earlier.

A few nights ago, I was nursing the Princess. She unlatched for a few seconds. Long enough to wipe a booger on my n!pple. Then she proceeded to try to latch back on! Yikes!! I caught her just in time, before she ate her booger.



Talitha said...

Yuck! X is obsessed with picking his nose lately and I hate it! I really hope he doesn't start eating it, barf!

Allison said...

My husband and I were having a conversation about boogers the other day. I mean, all little kids do it-- where do they pick it up from? Although we definitely don't want to encourage him to do this in public, apparently my DH had read an article about how kids who eat their boogers get sick less often because they are building up their immunity.

However, I still think it is gross and wipe my son's boogers off all the time and I will teach him that eating them is bad. BUT, my DH and I confessed that we get all our boogers out in the shower, so I guess if my son wants to pick it out, he can do it only in the tub where we can wash it off right away. Is that weird? Probably.

Our Love Story said...

Something to look forward to - voluntary booger eating! Evelyn has started wiping her nose on my shoulder. Nice.

katie said...

i was kind of disturbed the way you singled out the little girl that was picking her nose at your church. if i was that child's parent i would be offended that you singled out my child as being "booger picker eater"!! i think that we would all agree that there is nothing plesant about booger picking or booger eating, however it is a part of life every kid does it at one time or another and i think that it was wrong of you to single out a child in your congregation. i am not trying to scold you but you need to realize that a small comment like that could cause some tension in your church if the child's parent were to read this. i am glad to read that you are proclaimed women of god because i am as well, but even the smallest comment could cause a separation in your church. trust me i know, i have seen it happen in my grandmothr's church over a small disagreement.... but enough about that. maybe next time you could justleave out where you were when you saw the little girl picking her nose! it could save a lot of hurt feelings and grief, beside you wouldn't want someone saying that about your child.....think about it!

Tonya said...

Gross! I've never heard that song before. What tune do you sing it too?

lsto said...

Hey, maybe sombody should capitalize on that booger immunity idea. There might be big money in synthetic booger vitimins. We could call them "Boogie Boosters"... maybe.

The Greasers of Hazzick Flats said...

I worked at an office where somebody was wiping boogers on the bathroom wall while sitting on the toilet. That part of the wall was covered with boogers.