Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WFMW: Resale Shops!

I love a bargain. I think most of you know that. Most everyone who knows me, knows that. And one of the greatest places to find a bargain is at a resale shop. Now I like your usual thrift stores, but a resale shop has some better quality stuff (generally). Because they "buy" your old things, they can pick and choose their merchandise. The cost may be a bit higher, but the resale shops I frequent often have sales and incentives.
Some examples: My favorite resale shop (a children's resale shop) often has an additional 25% off of certain items. Like shoes and toys. They will also "clearance" out seasonal items and when their racks are too full. Just yesterday I bought a few dresses for the Princess for 4$ each. And they were an additional 25% off, making them 3$ each!! And since they were in very good condition and name brands, I thought that was a great deal.
The incentives at my favorite resale shop are fun for me too. They have punch cards. They punch a business sized card every time you spend 10$. When you get 10 punches, you receive 10$ off your purchase. Even if your purchase is only 10$! I love it.
Plus you can sell your old clothing, toys, and big items (strollers, high chairs, etc). Yesterday I got 45$ for some of the Princess's clothes. She will never wear them again (babies grow so fast), and I don't have the room to store them for a possible Princess #2. So my storage wins, my pocketbook wins, and I win.
That's why resale shops really Work for Me! For more great ideas, head to Rocks in My Dryer!


Kirstin said...

Hi! I love resale stores too. My girls are 12 and 9 now, so I don't use it as much, but when they were smaller I always took their clothes to one particular store. Their consignement percentage was the best around and they took only quality clothing. I hardly bought new clothes, and yet their clothes looked brand new, and they were name brands that I normally wouldn't be able to afford.
This shop also had such cute displays of "mom made" items, adn other things. It's still one of our favorite stores as now they offer junior clothing as well.

Joy said...

I too LOVE scoring clothes at thrift stores! We've been lucky to get so many hand-me-downs that I've hardly have to buy anything! We blog about budget-friendly and earth-friendly living with a baby in tow at

We are THAT family said...

I'm a big resaler. I buy and sale. What a great WFMW idea.

Tara @ Born Again Resale said...

I loved shopping in resale stores when my kids were little, too! In fact, I loved it so much that I started my own! I started with just kids' stuff, but now I've expanded into juniors and misses because everybody loves a bargain. Seriously, it feels awesome to be working at something I love that helps the environment, and every single day God gives me the opportunity to further His kingdom either in word or deed with the wonderful women (and a few men, too) that come into the store.

You have a great blog! Fun, serious, and sassy!

Thanks for sharing!

God bless,
Born Again Resale & Consignment

beth said...

Great suggestion. I have bags of clothes I should try to sell.