Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Perspective

So the other night, after the Princess, the King and I had done our nighttime routine together, and the Princess was flip-flopping away with my rubber n!pple, and she was still awake after about 45 minutes, I...was...FRUSTRATED.

I mean, wanted to scream, clenching my fists, grinding my teeth, toes wiggling, frustrated.

It was one of those nights that I was extremely tired and still had about 4 things left on my to-do list before I could sit down and relax with the King for about 3 minutes before I fell asleep. And the Princess was not cooperating. At all.

As I laid there frustrated and going over and over and over my to-do list, I happened to look down at my beautiful daughter. She looked so peaceful (during the nursing half of her flip-flops) and serene. Like this:

The thought came to my mind that this is not going to last forever. Before I know it, she will not want to nurse during the day. Before I know it, she will not need me to nurse her to sleep. Before I know it, she will be walking and talking. Before I know it, she will be telling me all about her friends and their problems. Before I know it, she will be grown up and moving away.

And my perspective changed. Instead of being frustrated with the flip-flops and the loooooooong nursing session, I cherished it. It was a beautiful moment, and I won't have too many of those beautiful, precious moments left.
Then after another 45 minutes, and the Princess still wasn't asleep, my perspective changed back! :)

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