Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lots of Super Savings!

Ah, my favorite day of the week. The one where I get to show off all my Super Savings! And there are a lot today.

First off, I started at CVS. (Jenny at Mommin' It Up calls it FREE VS! I love that!)

My first transaction was on Saturday, the first of the month. It was a little wacky because it was March's new monthly deals, but still last weeks sales. I just wanted to get the monthly deals because my CVS runs out of things VERY quickly. I ended up getting:

4 CVS Vitamin Cs (these were B1G1 and I thought I might get ECBs for all 4)

4 Lypsyls (one is not pictured because it immediately went into my diaper bag. I love chapstick or lipgloss of any kind.)

Total was $17.92
I had that exactly in ECBs.
I paid nothing opp.
I got back $11.94 ECBs

Wait, you say, that's not enough. And you would be correct. The Vit. C ECBs didn't print because of the wacky day. The manager gave me a gift card for the ECB amount on 2. So I evened out, plus I now have a gift card to work with instead of 24 or 67 cents on my debit every time I go.

I went again on Sunday.
First transaction:
5 Excedrins @4.49
1 Colgate
1 Crest Pro Health

Coupons used:
4 -2$ off Excedrin
-$3 off Excedrin
(I had a colgate coupon and forgot it!)
Total: 13.70
paid 11.96 in ECBs
and 1.72 from my gift card
got back:
2.99 ECBs
10$ gift card because my Excedrin ECBs didn't print
3.71 refund for Crest Pro Health (apparently if you bought your 2 in February, you can't get them in March)

Second transaction:
4 bags Hershey's Eggs @ 2/3$
4 bags Kisses @$.99
Divine cookies @1.99 (not pictured because I bought them for a church fellowship that night)
Rees's Egg (filler) @ $.69
3 Johnson's Buddies @ $.99

3 -$1.50/3 Hersheys (although, I just realized I only bought 8. I wonder if it scanned.)
3 -$1 off Buddies
paid 2.99 in ECBs
$.15 oop from Crest refund
got back $5 ECBs

Third transaction
3 candy bags @ $.77
2 Nutritioniste products @ 5.99

-$3/2 Garnier products
$5 ECBs
$1.42 on gift card

I also transfered a prescription and got a $30 gift card!

Total at CVS (-prescription): 100.97!!!!!
I started with 17.92 in ECBs
I paid NOTHING oop, and ended up with $5 ECBs and a $10 gift card, $2 something left on another gift card, and $3 cash. Plus I have the $30 gift card from the scrip. Yay! Great CVS week for me.

Kroger was okay this week too. Overall, I spend more than I had planned, BUT I had to get a few things that weren't really great sales. And we needed meat. I used a lot of coupons on many items that I bought. I also found some great deals that I will share with you.Cookie dough was 2/4. I had 2 1$/2 coupons making them $1.50 each. I thought this was decent to put in my freezer to make when I forget about church fellowship dinners (which I often do).
Gold Star Chili Seasoning on sale for $.80 -$.50q=$.30
Frozen items $1.67 each -(2)1$ off= $.67 each

Cheetos (the King was WAY excited) 3/5$ Plus B3G1= 4/5$ -1.50q=4/$3.50

Hot dog buns (on my list anyway) clearance to $.59 -$.50q=$.09 (it was a store coupon so they didn't double it)
The picture above is what I call my FREE picture. Why? Because everything in it was FREE!!!!
Choc. Honey Bunches of oats 3 @ 1.99 -(3)2$ off q=FREE
Flat Earth Chips $2.99-freeq=FREE
Diet Pepsi Max (I'll use for church fellowship) 1 @ 10/10 -freeq=FREE
Franks Hot Sauce 2 @ $.99 -(2)$.50 offq doubled=FREE
Sour Cream 1 @ 10/10 -$.50 offq doubled =FREE
Suave Deoderant 1 @ 10/10 -.50 off q doubled=FREE
Peter Pan 1 @ 10/10 -$.50 q doubled =FREE
Campbell's Soup at Hand 3 @ 10/10 -$2 offq -$.50/2 doubled=FREE

My total at Kroger was $117.95
My total sale savings was 39.00
My total coupon savings was 22.29 +3.68 doubled coupons
I paid 52.98
For a total saving of 55%

When I was checking out, the cashier and I were talking about all my coupons. She asked me how long it took me to shop with the coupons. When I told her two hours (I go slow, take my time, and enjoy myself), she was shocked and a little disgusted, I think. When I showed her my receipt at the end, she understood. With saving over $60, I feel like I made $30 an hour. I truly think that is worth my time!

Later in the week I went to DEALs, a dollar store in town. They had some stuff clearanced.
Pancake Mix
4 bags of Hershey Kisses

All for 3.50!

Then I went to my local children't resale shop and found cloth diaper inserts for $.49 each. I know the owner, and she ended up giving me an additional discount. I got 9 inserts for $3.75!

Well, it was a great week for me.

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Mommin' It Up! said...

wow! i am jealous of your CVS haul!! awesome!!

Amy said...

Great Job! I love CVS, and had a Great week there too.

I hope next week brings you more fabulous savings!