Friday, February 15, 2008

"Your Cries Are Different"

This was an actual conversation I had with my mom.

We were talking about how my sister and I always thought my mom had spies. She always knew what we did. We could never get away with anything growing up. She also said that she knew when my sister and I were pregnant before we even told her.

Mom: It was funny that you and your sister thought I had spies. I never had spies.

Me: You had to have. You knew everything about us. If you didn't have spies, how did you know.

Mom: You told on yourselves. Me: What do you mean?

Mom: I just knew you both so well, I could tell by your tone of voice or how you acted. I knew when something was off. So I usually guessed. It was the way I asked too. I didn't ask if you did something, I just said that you did. And then you would want to know how I knew. You told on yourself.

Me: So you really knew I was pregnant. How? I didn't talk to you much before I told you.

Mom: That was part of it. I could just tell by your voice. You sounded different.

Me: That's kind of the way it is with me and the Princess. I know when she is hungry or tired. I know when she just wants to be held or played with. Her cries sound different. Is it kind of like that?

Mom: Yep, I know your voice and how you are. And even now, your cries are different.

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Allison said...

That is so cool! I am noticing that now with our little prince...he's 11 months, and I can tell when he's really upset or just whining.

My mom said she knew I was pregnant before I told her, too.