Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"You Have Something Hanging FromYour Butt!"

I have a pair of jeans that my dad gave me one Christmas. They actually fit me, even with the extra skin and baby weight that I have yet to get rid of. These jeans are really cute, and they have sequins on the back pockets. Very sassy! Well, it is not uncommon for me to get stuck to things in these pants. I often find a piece of string or a fuzzy stuck to the sequins.

Today I took the Princess into the King's office to change the royal poopy diaper. The King kind of smirked and said, "You have something hanging from your butt!" I backed up closer to the King and asked him to remove the "something, "but he said no, it was too funny.

I looked behind me to see what string or fuzzy was too funny to remove. It was an ENTIRE baby blanket. Apparently I snagged the blanket and dragged it into the office with me from my butt! The King was right. It was too funny!

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