Friday, January 11, 2008

The Princess and The Gloworm

In our family, the Gloworm has always been a special toy. I had one when I was little. My sister had one. We always loved them.

Shortly after my niece was born, I got her a gloworm. My niece loved hers too. (Although I hear she now uses it as a weapon against my nephew.)

So, given the family history, I was very excited when the Princess unwrapped a gloworm from her Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas. We let her play with it right away, pushing the belly and watching it light up and sing to us. Then the fussing began.

From the Princess, not the gloworm. She did not seem to like our favorite toy. I thought I would try again. And I did. And again, and again. But it seems that the family favorite toy is not a favorite for the Princess. Maybe someday she will make peace with the gloworm. I intend to keep trying.

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